10 Effortless Overnight Beauty Tips to Wake up Pretty

By 23 December 2015

Busy lifestyle leaves many of the women unable to take care of their skin, lips, hair or feet. The tips provided in this post will prove to be an excellent beauty regime because it won’t take your daytime as long as you put these tips to your routine. If you can’t afford to put time during the day to maintain your beauty, then you would just be fine as all the aforementioned tips can be done while at sleep. These tips are the best way to energize your whole body during sleep. These overnight beauty tips can do wonders for you.

 10 Effortless Overnight Beauty Tips to Wake up Pretty


Hair, especially long hair, is often damaged when sleeping because tossing and turning on the pillow causes friction, which results in breakage or knots in your hair. The basic thing you can do in order to prevent hair damage, is replace your cotton with satin pillowcases. This is because satin pillowcases have a slick surface that causes friction every time you toss or turn and your hair will get slither. To prevent formation of knots in your hair make a loose braid before going to bed as recommended by Michael Van Clark, a London-based celebrity hairstylist. By doing so you will not only prevent formation of knots in your hair, but you will manage to have nice loose wavy hair in the morning.

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