40 Super Cute Hairstyles For Girls You Can Try Today

By 21 January 2017

Hollywood waves

40 cute hairstyles for girlsThis is one of the few hairstyles that look great on almost everyone. Let me say Hollywood waves are the classic and timeless styles of all.

Tied chignon

40 cute hairstyles for girlsFreaked about chic looking hair dos, this is a must to pull out. Looks sweet and complicated but actually quick and easy.

Half-up twisted bun

40 cute hairstyles for girlsWant to look as if you have invested a great amount of time creating a hairstyle, but you hardly pull it in less than 5 minutes; and the best part you can wear it straight, curly or wavy with any outfit and for any occasion.

Criss cross half-up

40 cute hairstyles for girlsCriss-cross half-up style is a perfect hairdo for a wedding or a special occasion, especially if you are worried about flyaway issues.

Twisted flower bun

40 cute hairstyles for girlsTwisted flower bun is impeccable for occasions where you need to have your hair up and stay in place all day. It looks as if it needs a lot of time to create but you can make it within 5 minutes or even less. The thing I love the most, if you are out of time and can’t blow dry your hair, its best to make twisted flower bun as it comes out best on wet hair.

The side braid

40 cute hairstyles for girlsThe side braid is a classic one that is braided over the top to the side. Girls with oval shaped face with medium to long hair and with any texture can pull this style out.

Knotted braid

40 cute hairstyles for girlsThere is surely a reason for French braid’s so popular- these are incredibly versatile that you can wear them over and over again. But I think being creative is key to charisma. If you are a fan of French braid style and want to look different every time, knotted braid style is for you. This four strand braid with tiny knotted details adds texture and more bulk to even thin hair.

Classy chignon

40 cute hairstyles for girlsTo look ravishing and of your age at the same time needs a bit intelligence. One can destroy that cute girly look by over doing. The classy chignon is that perfect balance of elegance that’s not overdone. Those with medium hair, chignons are always great and hassle free.

Braided bun

40 cute hairstyles for girlsBraided bun is a typical hairstyle for girls because it’s easy and looks good on almost every shaped face. A great part of this hairstyle is you can easily pull it for hours and hours-the messier it gets the charming it looks.

Lace braid

40 cute hairstyles for girlsLace braid looks cool on tween girls and is really easy to make.


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