How to create the Audrey Hepburn eyes for this Halloween

By 10 September 2016

audrey hepburn eyes for this halloweenMillions of people are enchanted and enthralled by Audrey’s beauty and grace. She has undoubtedly cast a powerful spell on people that it didn’t fade off even after years and years. Her unique style, beauty and vibrancy continued to delight and mesmerize people young and old alike. She has set trends, may it be her dressing style or makeup.

Audrey’s most attractive and unique credential to me was her makeup. The best thing about her makeup is that it’s very classic and timeless although many years have passed but her makeup looks beautiful and amazing till today. Today in this post we will guide you on how to create the Audrey Hepburn eyes for Halloween this year to look a bit like that timeless beauty.


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