DIY Dry Shampoo You Can Make At home

By 15 January 2016

You probably are familiar with the benefits of what is called dry shampoo. If you are the one with oily skin tone and find your hair getting greasy more often, then dry shampoo is your best companion. It can make flat, greasy, or even sweaty hair look more attractive in no time what so ever. If you are a busy woman and finds it more difficult to plan a long beauty session or go to a beauty salon. You’ll surely love this quick fix beauty product.

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DIY Dry Shampoo You Can Make At homeUsing dry shampoo is more feasible for the reason it helps you skip shampoo your hair everyday. Dry shampoo is a healthier choice for your hair as compared to wet shampoo which tends to weaken your hair. I found this hair product quite helpful in retaining my hair color for a longer period of time. Dry shampoo is now available in powder, mousse, and aerosol forms. However, if you have a fitness profile and spend time at gym, you might seriously need this post-gym quick fix for your wet hair.

Today in this post I’m going to share my favorite recipes for dry shampoo, I’m sure you’re gonna enjoy this! You can also get your dry shampoo from the market but it’d cost you a lot of bucks which I won’t recommend. Because why would you spend money over something you can make yourself at home and way too cheaper. So let’s do it, here are best and easy DIY Dry Shampoo recipes…


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