Do Dachshunds Shed A Lot?

By 5 August 2016

If you are a dog lover and conscious to purchase the outstanding dog dachshund in near future and anxious to know about do dachshunds shed. You are in a right place. Today we will try to solve your problem by giving you a complete guidance on do dachshunds shed?

do dachshunds shedThe simple answer is yes every dog with fur coat sheds but depending on their coat type they shed too much to very negligible. Shedding is basically a natural process through which dogs and other mammals lose old or dead hair. Each hair in the canines coat grow from a hair follicle. The process of hair growth has three stage cycle. These cycles are anagen which is the growth of normal hair, catagen where the growth of the hair slows down which results in hair becoming thin and the final phase telogen where the hair growth stops and the follicle rests which results in the old hair falls off and sheds. The quantity and rate of hair that is shed often hinge on the season, overall health and type of breed. Some breeds of dogs shed too little while some others shed too excessively. It also depends upon the size of the dog.


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