List Of Dogs With Hair Not Fur For People With Allergies

By 8 September 2016

dogs with hair not furAre there any dogs with hair not fur, People often confuse hair with fur and thought that some dogs have fur while others have hairs but folks both fur and hair are chemically indistinguishable. Both are made up of keratin, although some differences exists in the growth and textures but technically speaking the hair or fur is not something which makes a dog hypoallergenic as dogs with either type of coat release dander, and the difference lies in terms of coat texture is how much or how little the coat traps this dander, and keeps it from spreading around. Another way to understand this hair and fur notion is by knowing that the hair on our head are different in length and texture than the hair on other part of skin like eyebrows, under arms or legs because of the growth phase of the hair and same applies for dogs, shorter coated dogs have a much shorter growth span for their hair and longer coat dogs have a longer growth span so the hair is different length and texture. Also most dogs have two coats: the undercoat and the outer coat. The dogs like poodles, Maltese or a bouvier tend to have a double coat that gets snugger and closer to their skin. A shorter coated hair is much more prone to release dander and saliva than a longer coated dog. So if you are allergic to dogs and still wanted a dog you could choose a dog with hair coat rather than fur coat as hair sheds less than fur.

Hypoallergenic Dog Myth:

There is a fallacy in thinking that some dogs are hypoallergenic and others aren’t. It’s just a myth, although some dogs are labelled as hypoallergenic because they shed less dander but it does not reduce the potential to cause allergic symptoms. It’s actually the dog protein that causes the allergic symptoms, which exists in dog’s skin and saliva. Whenever you are exposed to dog’s skin while petting or sitting on the place where your dog sat or whenever your dog licks, you are more likely to be exposed to the protein which causes allergic symptoms. So there is no such thing like hypoallergenic dog but the positive thing is that to get rid of dog allergies you do not have to get rid of a dog but you can choose a dog that produces less dander and saliva so that you are less expose to allergens.


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