List Of Essential Oils For Sunburn.

By 27 October 2016

essential oils for sunburnThough careful sun exposure is very beneficial but sunburn is very bad. From causing skin aging to increasing the risk of skin cancer, believe it! over exposure to the sun or more particularly to the ultraviolet (UV) radiations could really cause your skin serious harm. Once you have been burned, only prompt treatment could soothe and heal your skin. Treatment options vary from typical drugstore remedies to natural and safe cures for the ailment. It is observed that the over the counter products used to treat sunburn damaged skin only numb the pain and do very little to support the body’s own healing systems. On the other hand, natural cures and remedies not only help reduce the symptoms but may also bring back the natural balance.

Among the wide options available naturally, essential oils for sunburn are particularly valuable because these oils serve in dual ways: they not only soothe the symptoms of sunburn but they heal and replenish also. Due to this twofold property essential oils are considered ideal for sunburn. As every oil has its unique property which makes it perfect for a particular condition, keeping this uniqueness in mind we are sharing some of the topmost essential oils for sunburn which will really soothe and heal the damage done to your skin by the overexposure to the sunlight.

It is important to mention that most sunburns are first-degree burns in which the outer layer of the skin known as epidermis is burned, and it’s red, painful, and hot. Sunburns could also be second degree burns in which the dermis or underlying skin layer is affected which results in swelling, blisters, intense pain, nausea, chills, and fever. You can benefit from the remedies shared in this post only if you have first degree burns, seek immediate medical care if you have second degree burn.

Topmost Essential oils for sunburn:

The list of essential oils we’ve shared in this post are skin friendly and can do wonders to your skin. The most exciting part of these essential oils is they can be used for almost all other skin problems. You can opt to use these oils for beautifying your skin, hence can get a glowing skin. So let’s find out what these essential oils are and how to use them to treat sunburn.


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