How Long Do Hamsters Live? Do You Really Know

By 6 September 2016

how long do hamsters liveOwning pet is like a commitment because that animal totally depends on you for its care. As a devoted owner you must be aware how long they are likely to live so that you are taking the responsibility at its most. This implies to any pet you own may it be a cat, dog, bird or a hamster. If you are thinking to buy a hamster as a pet and want to know how long do hamsters live, you are on a right place, we will help you find the answer about how long domestic species of hamsters actually live?

The word Hamster comes from a German word which means “hoard” and it is exactly what hamsters do with extra food. They can store food half their body weight in their cheek pouches. Hamsters were first discovered in the Syrian Desert in the 1800’s and domesticated in the 1930’s and arrived in America shortly after. Hamsters are now America’s top ten favorite pet. Among the species of hamsters, the dwarf hamsters are perfect ones as house pets. Besides them some other species of hamsters are also domesticated and can be kept as pets. They make great pets for ones who live in small houses as they occupy small space and are easy to keep. The average life span of a dwarf hamster ranges from 1.5 to 3 years depending on the species and the amount of care provided.


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