How To Get Playdough Out Of Carpet, Quickly

By 16 February 2017

Never try hot water or harsh cleaning solutions to remove play dough or any other stains from carpet. In case if its dough, always wait for the dough to completely dry, be really patient; sometimes it could even need to be left overnight. Then loosen it firmly with a dry brush.

You may need to use any solutions in case of discolorations. For that use mild solutions, such as liquid dish wash. Always test a small inconspicuous area of the carpet before attempting to use any stain removal stuff, such as alcohol or vinegar to ensure the safe removal of the stains.

You can also benefit from these amazing tips to keep your carpet clean and child proof, especially if you have recently invested on a carpet.

  • Buy a stain-resistant carpet in the first place. These are specifically designed with built-in stain resistance.
  • Invest in large bright colored rugs to avoid any damage to the carpet.
  • An old or inexpensive bed sheet could be used either.
  • Try to keep kids out of carpeted rooms especially during play time.
  • Clean your carpets frequently to keep them in good shape.

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