How To Get Rid Of a Dry Throat, Forever?

By 18 November 2016

how to get rid of a dry throatAcute dry throat is usually not a grim issue and can be easily treated at home with dry throat remedies. However, chronic dry throat is a medical condition and needs professional attention. If you are suffering from this problem especially when you read at night (especially if reading with voice) or during sleep and want to know how to get rid of dry throat, we are sharing some simple dry throat remedies to fix the problem.

Dry mouth medically known as xerostomia, is not a disease itself but could be a symptom of an underlying health condition. Our throat is lubricated with secretions or fluids called mucous, which are produced in the nose and another secretion, known as saliva, which is produced by the salivary glands in the oral cavity. Both of these lubricants keep our mouth and throat moisten. When there is a decrease in the production of the fluids or when these fluids dry out due to any reason the problem of dry mouth arises. A person with dry mouth experience difficulty speaking, eating or swallowing.

The decrease and drying of fluids could be caused by a number of factors. Anxiety and depression, duct calculi (blockage of the duct), sialoadenitis (inflammation of the salivary glands), nasal obstruction, clogged or blocked nose, sore throat, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy can cause reduced salivary flow. This drying of mouth especially at night could be due to snoring or breathing from mouth which dry out saliva much quickly. Sometimes dry mouth is caused as a result of over the counter medications and prescription drugs or could also be a sign of a serious health problem such as diabetes.

Besides digestion, saliva has many benefits like killing the bacteria in the mouth and keep oral ailments like tooth decay, cavities, gum diseases and oral infections at bay but a person with dry mouth is much more susceptible to oral health issues due to decrease of saliva. Some of the common symptoms associated with dry mouth include bad breath, hoarseness, oral infections, sore throat, difficulty swallowing, and mouth sores.

Simple remedies to get rid of dry throat fast

Dry throat could be frustrating or for some people deliberating, try these simple remedies to get rid of dry throat forever.

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