How To Get Rid Of Cold Sores Fast

By 28 October 2016

how to get rif of cold soresHerpes labialis, commonly known as Cold sores or fever blisters, are fluid-filled blisters that are caused by virus herpes simplex type 2, or genital herpes. Cold sores may occur as a single blister, or clustered in a bunch, in or around the mouth. Symptoms include itching, burning, blisters, oozing and scabbing. Not only they look ugly and unappealing but are painful too and unfortunately, the herpevirus cannot be cured, and the person will have it lifelong as it takes residue in the nerves near the brain stem and could pop out any time waiting for some factors like stress, menstrual cycle, heat or too much sunlight and a weakened immune system (fever, illness). Although one cannot throw out the virus from the body but there are great natural remedies for preventing them, shortening outbreaks, and providing relief from the pain. We are sharing some most effective and natural remedies on how to get rid of cold sores fast.

How to get rid of cold sores Naturally:

These natural remedies work tremendously in preventing cold sores, shortening outbreaks, and providing relief fast.

Block the virus with Lysine:

You can protect yourself against cold sores by increasing your intake of lysine, an amino acid which blocks the virus. But if you are already suffering from a cold sore outbreak, it is high time to increase your intake of foods that contain lysine. They include turkey, ricotta cheese, eggs, fish, avocado, and chocolate. You can also talk to your doctor about a lysine supplement.


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