How To Get Rid Of Colds Naturally.

By 16 November 2016

Radish for Colds:

Radish if consumed regularly is very effective in keeping the colds at bay.

How to use radish for colds

1-Mix 2 tablespoons of white radish juice with a tablespoon of honey. Use once daily.

2-Consume radish in form of salads.

Ginger and peroxide:

Ginger and peroxide detox is another great way to prevent and treat colds or flu. Ginger increases the body temperature which promotes sweating and aids in detoxification. Hydrogen peroxide oxygenates the body and also aids in detoxification.

Ginger peroxide detox bath for colds

1- Fill your bathtub with hot water (as hot as bearable). Put few slices of grated ginger and a bottle of 3 percent hydrogen peroxide. Now soak your body in this detox bath for at least 20 minutes. But if you are a newbie, do not exceed over 20 minutes. Rest for 30 minutes after the bath.

Garlic for Treating Colds:

Garlic is extremely potent and full of virus killing molecules which is great for colds. Allicin is the most potent antibiotic element in garlic that is effective against viruses and bacteria’s.

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How to use garlic for colds

1-Opt for organic garlic, consume 1 fresh garlic clove in a piece of bread daily in the morning for about a week.

2-If you find eating raw garlic difficult, you can also use garlic capsules easily available in stores.

Elderberry Can be Effective for Colds:

Elderberry, a plant native to Europe, Africa and some parts of Asia, has amazing health benefits for a number of ailments including colds, flu, sinus infections, high blood pressure and allergies. Elderberry contains a chemical compounds called anthocyanin, which have probably the immune-stimulant effects, particularly beneficial for colds. Elderberries if taken throughout the winter season prevents colds and if used at a first sign of a viral infection, has potency to stop the virus in its track.

How to use elderberry for colds

1-Bring 2 cups of water to a boil. Add an elderberry bag and steep it for 10 minutes. Drink it warm.

2-You can also prepare your own elderberry syrup for colds by pouring 4 cups of boiling water over 2 cups of dried elderberries. Soak for -10 hours and then cook for 30 minutes. Strain the mixture with a clean cheesecloth and measure. Add same amount of honey and cook until the honey is completely mixed. Pour in a clean airtight glass jar and keep it in refrigerator. Take a tablespoon of the syrup twice or three times a day.

2-You can also use elderberry supplement available in health stores. Check the label for instructions.


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