How To Get Rid Of Fatigue?

By 6 October 2016

how to get rid of fatigueFatigue is one of the most common complaint doctors hear from their patients. As it is not something that shows up on diagnostic tests, therefore it is not considered a disease and thought that no drug can cure it. But according to some health care professionals, fatigue is a disease as lack of energy is a symptom of it. One of the most common cause of fatigue is considered the unhealthy nutrition we eat which overloads our system hence causing lack of energy and fatigue. Today we will guide you on how to get rid of fatigue and feel energetic and lively with simple adjustments and modifications in your everyday mundane.

Get rid of weariness with magnesium

Magnesium really provides relief to the tired and weary bodies as magnesium is crucial for energy production. Increase your intake of magnesium by incorporating magnesium rich foods as spinach, pumpkin, fish (mackerel), avocado, yogurt, soy beans, and brown rice. You can also talk to your doctor about a magnesium supplement.

Beat brain fatigue with glutamate

Sometimes it’s the mental fatigue that makes it difficult to concentrate or think clearly, glutamate is the best option to combat it. Glutamate which is an amino acid, helps stabilize blood sugar levels hence beating brain fatigue.


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