How To Get Rid Of Sunburn, Naturally?

By 20 November 2016

how to get rid of sunburnSunburn is a condition caused by over exposure to ultra violet radiations, in which the skin becomes red, sore, warm, and sometimes itchy for few days. Although the symptoms of sunburn persists for a shorter period of time but frequently getting sunburn could cause severe skin issues (including skin cancers) in a long run. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid unprotected exposure to sunlight by following precautionary measures. But if you have catch sunburn for what so reason, there are easy and natural home remedies for sunburn to get rid of it much faster.

If you have got a sunburn and concerned about knowing how long does sunburn take to heal? Well, it depends on how much the sun rays have damaged your skin. For people with mild sunburn, it takes at least 1 or 2 days of discomfort and pain before relief. But for severe sunburn victims, the symptoms may last for about a week. Remember that home remedies can bring relief only for first degree burns, in which the outer layer of skin is burned and the symptoms include red, hot, and painful skin. Do not use any home remedies and consult your medical health care provider right away if you have second degree burns in which the underlying skin layer is affected which results in swelling, blisters, intense pain, nausea, chills, and fever. So let’s find out how to get rid of sunburn, naturally.

Home remedies for sunburn

For first degree sunburn these effective home remedies are worth trying for fast healing and relief.

Spray Milky water

Milk has soothing, anti-inflammatory effects for sunburn skin due to the presence of fat and proteins in it. Not only milk is great for sunburn but you will get a glowing skin as a bonus.

How to use milk for sunburn

1-Mix a glass of milk (organic would be much better) with a glass of cool water. Fill it in a spray bottle.

2-Spray the milky water on to the affected skin and let it dry. Repeat several times a day.

Cool down with Cucumber

The antioxidant and analgesic properties of cucumber promote healing and help relief from the discomfort associated with sunburn.

How to use cucumber for sunburn

1-Cut cool cucumber in slices. Lay the slices on the burnt skin until it gets warm. Flip the side and lay again for few minutes. Repeat the procedure two or three times day.

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