How To Give Smoky Look To Your Eyes In Easy Steps

Adding eyeliner.

If you want a gorgeous cat-eye look, start applying your eyeliner from the inside corner lash line towards the end of your eyebrow. End it slightly before the edge of your eyeshadow where the darkest part starts. For a blurry look draw a dark line across the top of your lash line and then use your ring finger. This procedure will improve the smoky eye looks.

In order to give it more smoky look tight-line your eyes. This is when you use eyeliner to draw a line on the inner-rim of your eyes, under your upper eyelashes and above your lower eyelashes. This can be difficult for the reason as you need to use your eyeliner quite close to your eyeball. For brighter look even with the dark shades above you can use white eyeliner pencil to tight-line the inner rim of your eyelashes nearest your tear duct by your nose.


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