How To Grow Eyelashes Naturally

By 21 October 2016

Grow eyelashes with castor oil

Castor oil and eyelashes has a long old connection due to its powerful follicle-stimulating properties that not only nourishes and moisturizes the lashes but also encourage growth. The anti-bacterial and microbial properties of the oil also help fight bacteria and micro-organisms that hinder growth.

Castor oil is found to be extremely effective in achieving thick, dark eyelashes. It also prevents the breaking and falling of eyelashes and triggers the growth even on areas where they are not present copiously.

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How to use

1-Apply pure castor oil with a clean Q-tip or cotton on your lashes on a regular basis.

2-You can also fill an empty and clean mascara bottle with pure castor oil. Apply it on the lashes daily with the mascara wand before going to bed.

Grow eyelashes with olive oil

grow eyelashes with olive oilOlive oil is rich in Vitamin E and oleic acid which not only thickens and nourishes eyelashes but also makes them dark which adds more bulk to lashes.

How to use

1-Fill a clean mascara bottle or any other empty, clean bottle with olive oil.

2-As olive oil provides best results when it is a bit warm. Put this bottle on boiling water for few minutes so that the oil gets warm (not too hot, otherwise it would burn). Now apply it on your lashes with the mascara wand or a clean Q-tip daily until you get your desired thick, dark eyelashes.


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