How To Grow Eyelashes Naturally

By 21 October 2016

Grow eyelashes with almond oil

grow eyelashes with almond oilAlmond oil is an intelligent pick if you aim for thick, healthy eyelashes as this oil is widely used all around the world for its hair growth properties. Almond oil is rich in vitamin E, and fats which helps nourish and moisturize the lashes, encouraging growth of eyelashes plus reducing eyelash breaking and falling. For most effective results, use sweet almond oil.

How to use

1-Apply sweet almond oil with a sterilized mascara wand on your lashes.

2-Also apply along the lash line with a clean eyeliner brush or a Q-tip. Be careful not to get the oil into your eyes.

Grow eyelashes with avocado oil

grow eyelashes with avocado oilAvocado is not just a super food but encapsulates in itself magical effects for enhancing and improving beauty as well. Avocado is extremely rich in vitamin B and vitamin E which penetrates the skin easily and strengthen the hair growth and repair the damage hair. This fruit is also the richest fruit source of biotic which is linked with strengthening of hair. Avocado oil is equally beneficial to use for eyelash growth as well.

How to use

1-Apply avocado oil on the lashes with a sterilized mascara wand twice or thrice a week.


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