How To Remove Hair Dye From Skin Easily?

By 1 March 2017

Petroleum jelly

Try avoiding getting stains in the first place to save yourself from all the hassles to clean it subsequently. And it’s not that hard, with a little bit preparation before dyeing hair, you can really prevent from getting stains. Use Petroleum jelly as a pre-dye ritual as it does dual jobs. First, it acts as a barrier and prevents any staining and in case you get some colorings it can also act as a stain removing agent after dyeing.

Apply lavishly to your hairline, behind your ears and the back of your neck as a preventive measure before attempting to dye your hair. And if you get some stains, begin by rubbing some petroleum jelly into the stain. Massage gently with your fingers for few minutes. Clean off with a wet wash cloth.


Toothpaste is another great fix for removing hair dye.  Ingredients like baking soda in the tooth paste effectively serve as hair dye removers. Opt for the non-gel ones as they are much more effective.

To remove hair dye from the skin with toothpaste, dab some on the stained area. Gently massage with fingers for a few minutes. Clean it off with a wet wash cloth or a makeup removing vibe.


Cigarette ash may not be good for any other thing but is quite effective for removing hair dye stains. So if you have some ashes handy on your ashtray, use them for good. To remove hair dye from skin using ashes, prepare a mixture by combing some drops of any oil and ashes. Mix well. Apply this mixture on the stains and leave it for few minutes. Gently rub with fingers and clean off with a wet wash cloth or a make-up removing vibe.

Makeup remover wipes

Makeup remover vibes are best to use for fresh stains which are not set in deep yet. Once dry vibes will not work. So always keep them handy while dyeing your hair and the moment you get a dye stain immediately clean it with make-up remover vibe.


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