How To Remove Nail Polish From Clothes, Easily?

By 6 November 2016

Get nail polish off your clothes with Dish Detergent and Vinegar:

Liquid dish detergent and vinegar work surprisingly well in removing nail polish from clothes. Prepare a solution by mixing some liquid dish detergent and white vinegar. Lay some paper towels on a flat surface, place your fabric with the nail polish stain face up. Soak a cotton ball or a paper towel in the solution and gently scrap. Change the cotton ball or sides of the paper towel if gets stained. Repeat the process again till the nail polish is completely removed. Wash it straight away in washing machine with a good quality laundry detergent and the warmest water, safe for the fabric.

Important things to remember:

  • Always check the care label on the clothing and opt for an option accordingly.
  • Never use acetone or acetate based nail polish remover on Acetate, Fiberglass, Rayon, Silk, Triacetate, and Wool fabrics.
  • After attempting a spot test on an inconspicuous area, you can use acetate or acetate based nail polish remover on Acrylic, Burlap Cotton, Linen, Modacrylic, Nylon, Olefin, and Polyester, Rope or Spandex fabrics.
  • Act promptly after the mishap or spill to save your clothes from getting stains. Remember, fresh stains are easy to remove and much effortlessly. With an absorbent paper towel or a cloth, wipe out as much nail polish as you can. Then follow any of the techniques discussed above.

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Well, these simple techniques do work to a great extent but if you have any reservations about using them on your expensive garments or a piece close to your heart, it would be better to get your clothes to a professional dry cleaner to avoid any mishaps.


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