11 Weird Skin Care Tips That Actually Work

By 21 January 2016

Every one wants to look perfect and when your skin doesn’t look its best, its impossible to feel that confident you. It is true that you could find all the products you want, but then its not just the products that  make you look perfect, sometimes what you really need are some cool-and weird skin care tips for your desired look. Whether you’re trying to hide your puffy eyes or cover up a blemish or a pimple, we have got some really weird but worth trying skin care tips and tricks for you out there…. do give them a try.

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Watch the video for 11 weird skin care tips:

1. Every one of us have face those big,irritated blemishes that show up overnight and to cover them up is definitely annoying and hard. For a quick way to get rid of redness, swelling, and any pain associated with the pimple, apply a dab of diaper rash cream to the area and it’ll practically shrink before your eyes.


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