30 Black And Gold Nail Designs

A woman’s manicure reveals so much about her personality. That’s why it’s important to invest some time to make your nails look pleasant. These Black and gold nail ideas are perfect for your party-wear.

Filed, neatly manicured nails not only look put together and nice but also soars one’s self-confidence and mood. Also, properly done manicure will make hands look beautiful and attractive. On the other hand; ratty, jagged nails can really put one down and shake confidence too.

And they say, the color of your nail polish can make or break your entire look. Wrong colors and off beam designs on nails could have a negative impression about the wearer on others. So it’s way too important to pick nail polish colors and designs wisely.

If you’re unsure about which colors to pick for your next manicure, you can rely on black and gold. Undeniably black and gold colors signify elegance, class, and sophistication. You can really paint your nails with these colors for any occasion, from a formal dinner to a fun party.

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Black and gold nails look sassy, elegant, flirty and sophisticated depending on how you play with these colors. Below we have rounded up for you best black and gold nails design that you’ll surely love.

Perfect Black And Gold Nail Ideas

Black and gold combination is evergreen. Whenever in doubt as to which colors to pick for your nail art opt for this combination which exhibits class, sophistication, and elegance. If you’ve made up your mind to play with black and gold manicure ideas, why not checking out these beautiful golden blackish nail designs for 2022 that are too good to copy.

Star Nails

Star Nails

Star designs are a popular nail trend that women adore completely. There is a sea of infinite choices when it comes to star nail art. This sparkling star nail design is actually created with the help of a star nail art sticker. It’s so easy to create and the end result is pretty amazing.

Black And Gold Short Nails

black and gold short nails

This black and gold design looks so impressive on short nails. However, you can also recreate this look on any nail size or shape. Black glossy polish appears so damn elegant and the extra crisscrossed glittery detail on ring finger has taken this nail art to the next level. You can easily recreate this design. If you want to experiment a bit try matte polish instead of a glossy one.

Polka Dot Nails

black and gold Polka Dot Nails

Mix things up and add a bit of sass to your usual outlook with this polka dot nails. All you’ll need is a dotting and a stripping tool, as well as your favorite black, gold, and gold glitter polishes to create this picture-perfect cute nail art.

Upgraded Half-Moon Nails

Upgraded Half-moon Nails

Embrace your creativity and try this trendy half-moon nail look. To create this nail design you’ll need black and gold polishes, as well as a striping brush. First, paint all the fingernails with gold polish and set it to dry. Once completely dry take a striping brush and paint two lines starting from whichever corner of the half-moon and ending at a point at the free edge of your nail. Finish off with a top coat.

Black And Gold Stiletto Nails

black and gold stiletto nails

Stiletto nails look super edgy, chic and a little fierce too. The tapered shape with pointed ends can make a style statement on its own. Painting this edgy nail shape with the elegant and sassy black and gold combination will without any doubt make a bold statement about the wearer’s style. These black, gold and white stiletto nails could be a perfect fit for a party or a wedding. The slight gold detailing has made this nail design even mesmerizing.

Black Nails With Gold Stripes

black nails with Gold stripes

Isn’t this nail design looking super stylish? All the fingernails are painted with black glossy polish and a gold stripe across each nail is adding further allure to this simple nail design.

Leopard Nails

leopard nails

Take a strut on the wild side with this leopard nail design. This French manicure with leopard design in black, metallic gold and nude is sassy yet elegant.

Black And Gold Ombre Nails

Black and Gold Ombre Nails

Ombre is quite trendy in hair, couture, and nails. Instead of monochromatic colors, the mixing of more than one color creates some outstanding design patterns. Look at these ombre nails where little black ombre effect on golden polish appears so striking.

Hand-Painted Lightning Bolts

Hand-painted lightning bolts

How simple and meek this black and gold nail design turned out. All you need is to paint all the fingernails with black polish and add little gold glitter on the middle finger. Lastly, create these gold lightning bolts on the ring finger.

Black And Gold Accent Nails

Black and gold accent nails

This black and gold nail design is super easy and gorgeous, isn’t it? You can DIY this nail design by applying black nail polish on three fingernails and painting the middle and ring fingers with golden polish. This nail design is suitable for any nail shape and size. You can also create this nail art with other contrasting colors like pink and white or your favorite ones.

Golden Flaky Nails

Golden flaky nails

Looking absolutely chic doesn’t take that much work. Just reach for this black and gold flaky nails and be sure you’ll look incredibly stylish.

Black And Rose Gold Metallic Nail Art

Black and rose gold metallic nail art

It looks like quite a lot of work but the end result is super gorgeous nails. To recreate this nail design, paint all your nails with glossy black nail polish. Once the polish is dried apply a horizontal line with rose gold metallic polish on your index finger and 4 horizontal lines with the same gold color on the ring finger. For a finished look use tape for creating the lines. Add the glittery effect on the middle and pinky fingers by applying strokes in vertical direction. finish off with a top coat. The rose gold metallic flaky polish will add a super shiny effect to the entire nail design.  

Gold Stripy Nails

Gold stripy nails

This nail design looks so chic and is so easy to create. All you need is a glossy black and gold polish and tape. Apply black polish as the base of the nail. Use tape where you want to paint the gold and boom, there you go.

Marble Nails

Marble nails

Don’t be afraid to rock out in this gorgeous marble nail design. With contrasting black, gold, gray, and white polishes, this nail art is simply out of this world.

Black Galaxy

Black Galaxy

Want to create this super elegant nail design? All you need is Isadora’s black magic polish and you’re done. Seriously!

Glitter Gold And Black Nails

Glitter gold and black nails

Here’s yet another beautifully done black and gold nail idea.Try this black and gold nail design and pull together a sleek and refined look.

Dusty Nails

Dusty nails

This elegant nail design is not hard to copy. Start by painting all the fingernails with black polish leaving the ring finger which will be painted with gold color polish. The gold polish is really looking glamorous on this black base.

Gold Stamping Nails

Gold stamping nails

Make a bold statement and stand out from the crowd with this black and gold nail art. If you think it’s complicated, think again. All you need is a stamping paper and contrasting polish, and you’re good to go.

Adorable Nails

Adorable nails

For a casually glam look, reach for this black and gold nail art. Geometric nail art is super fun to create and pleasing to look at. The options are countless when it comes to creating designs with geometric shapes. It depends on the individuals preference of designs. When looking at this geometric nail art it seems complicated but in reality it’s way easier than you think.

Gorgeous Floral Swirl Nails

Gorgeous floral swirl nails

There’s nothing more luxe than black and gold combo. This design is the ideal balance between sophistication and class.

Pretty Safari Nails

Pretty safari nails

Now this is sheer elegance. The beautiful safari nail art on the middle and ring fingers is swoon worthy. Plus, the glittery polish on the remaining fingers is complimenting the entire design.

Coffee Nails

coffee nails

We’re going all heart-eyed over this pretty coffee nails. If you are a coffee addict then trying this nail art is a must. We are sure these coffee nails will rev you up.

Floral Nails

Floral nails

If you want a design that will really stand out, give this floral nail art a go. You can look seriously elegant without trying hard with this black and gold floral nail art.

Reverse French Manicure

Reverse French manicure

Reverse French manicures always look trendy and cool. And the good thing it’s easy to create. This black and gold French reverse tips will be a classy addition to your nail art. In this nail design two fingers are done in reverse french way while the ring finger is painted with black polish and accessorized with a beautiful stud. Lastly, the pinky finger is painted with gold polish so that the whole design gel together.

Clockwork Nails

clock work nails

What about trying this clockwork nail art for your next manicure? This is seriously different and unusual than most nail art we came through. Unique and interesting. Isn’t it?

Black And Gold Leaves Nails

black and gold leaves nails

Channel your inner fashion goddess and opt for this black and gold nail design.

Spider Web Nails

Spider web nails

This cobweb nail design is chic and spooky, perfect for Halloween. The contrast of black and gold colors for this spider web is really creating that eerie effect. For that gun-metal result apply white chrome powder over black.

Snake Skin Nails

Snake skin nails

Snakeskin manicures are all over the internet. Women love adorning their hands with these exotic python prints and textures. If you too want to go a little wild with nail art try this sexy snakeskin digit design with the evergreen combination black and gold.

Black And Gold Stud Nails

Black and gold stud nails

How elegant these gold studs look on black glossy polish. The addition of tiny accessories have really glamed up the entire look.

Gorgeous Nails

gorgeous nails

If you want to convey a sense of luxury, you can’t go wrong with the black-and-gold color scheme. Give a shot to this black and gold nail look and add personality to your day-to-day repertoire.

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