36 Famous Celebrities With Hooded Eyes

Want to know list of celebrities with hooded eyes? Hooded eyes or also known as “bedroom eyes” are the ones with the lids tend to look partly closed and heavy. There’s an extra fold of skin that covers the crease of the eyelid, making it appear smaller. There are several types of hooded eyes, ranging from mild to the ones completely hiding the mobile eyelid.

A person may either be born with droopy eyes or  acquire ones with aging, whatever the case is but the fact is women with this type of eyes typically find doing their eye makeup pretty daunting.

Perfect hooded eye makeup is always challenging. Struggles like smudged eye makeup, product transfer, magically disappearing eye shadows when opening eyes wide are some of the common complaints.

Women with droopy eyes often think their eyes as not beautiful or attractive. To be real honest, there’s nothing wrong with having droopy eyes, it’s just mastering the right eye makeup techniques to make your peepers pop and stand out. Don’t believe, check out our list of top 36 celebrities with hooded eyes whose eyes anyone can die for and by the way some of them have make it to the list of women with most beautiful eyes in the world too.

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What are hooded eyes?

Hooded eyes look stunning when complimented with the right type of eye makeup. It is a genetic condition and quit common in young adults where excess skin folds down from the eyebrow line. People often associate it with aging. Whereas it a common condition amount Asian people.

36 Top celebrities with hooded eyes

Before you may ask yourself “Do I have Hooded Eyes?” or figure out what eye shape you have. Lets find out these 36 gorgeous female celebrities with hooded eyes. Well, there are a lot of celebrities with hooded eyes who are believed to be incredibly beautiful and appealing. Not possible to list them all but we have gathered some of the female celebrities with hooded eyes. Let’s take a look!

Jennifer Lawrence Eyes

Jennifer Lawrence hooded eyes

This American beauty has films grossed over $6 billion worldwide. She was also the world’s highest paid actress in 2016. Besides being super-talented and hardworking, her awe-inspiring beauty is one of the reasons of winning her big fan following. In our list of celebrities with hooded eyes Jennifer Lawrence is on top for beautiful eyes.  Jennifer Lawrence’s spot less skin, high cheek bones, beautiful almond-shaped eyes and close set lid make her so damn adorable.

As she’s got beautiful eyes, looking closely you’ll notice her makeup is often applied to lift the eye. She widens her close set eyes by blending more heavily at the outer corners of the eye and lighter toward the inner corners.

Blake Lively Eyes

Blake Lively hooded eyes

Known for her red-carpet fashion, hair and makeup choices Blake knows how to nail it all. This lady just really radiates beauty in a visceral way. The gossip girl’s hooded eyes look mesmerizing and alluring.

Emma Stone Eyes

Emma Stone hooded eyes

Emma stone captivates everyone with her flawless beauty. Remember her appearance on the Academy Awards 2019; all eyes were literally set on this A-lister. Her long-time makeup artist Rachel Goodwin created the super-hot look by lining the lid, crease, and lower lash in Copper and then re-traced the lid in Topaze to add even more depth. If you’ve droopy eyes like Emma you too can go for this makeup look.

Camilla Belle Eyes

Camilla Belle hooded eyes

Questionably one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, this American beauty proves that hooded eyes can look totally mesmerizing. She often lifts her eyes by wearing fluttery lashes and a lined lower lash line.

Olivia Munn Eyes

Olivia Munn hooded eyes

The model and actress’s striking beauty, intensive quest for ageless skin and unique charisma stole the hearts of every admirer. Olivia’s multi-ethnic features are unique; her hooded eyes descend from her mixed cultural heritage, her Mum being Viet-Chinese.

Samira Wiley Eyes

Samira Wiley hooded eyes

The actress and producer, known for “Orange is the new black”, “The Hands Maid Tail”, and “The Sitter” among many other hits knows how to steal hearts with her looks. Her super hooded eyes with almost no lid at all make her super striking. She’s often seen on the red carpet with huge lashes.

Charlotte Rampling Eyes

Charlotte Rampling hooded eyes

Charlotte Rampling eyes are so hooded. The super star flaunts her peepers as they are. No surgical procedures to tighten and lift, no false lashes, just a shimmering shade of blue under- eye liner. She is totally embracing her hooded eye shape.

Chrissy Teigen Eyes

Chrissy Teigen hooded eyes

The 31-year-old model and TV host can do no wrong when it comes to her red carpet looks. She is always styled so simply and beautiful. She is living proof of the statement that eye makeup should enhance, not hide your natural features.

Taylor swift Eyes

Taylor swift hooded eyes

The list of celebrities with hooded eyes wouldn’t be complete without Taylor Swift. Known for her chart-topping music and her iconic beauty this style super star has long reined as the queen of the cat eye. Besides her singing and song writing prowess, Taylor Swift’s good looks have contributed to her success and popularity. She loves embellishing her hooded eyes with voluminous lashes as well as winged eyeliner.

Julianne Hough Eyes

Julianne Hough hooded eyes

The America’s Got Talent judge loves to make her light eyes shine. Julianne Hough blue hooded eyes are the most prominent features on her face. To make them really stand out, she relies on voluminous mascara and orangey-toned shadows.

Claudia Schiffer Eyes

Claudia Schiffer hooded eyes

Claudia Schiffer mostly relies on smoky eyes. According to the super model: “A smoky eye is the key to looking effortless”, and for her hooded eyes it works perfectly well.

Megan Fox Eyes

Megan Fox hooded eyes

Former transformer star Megan Fox has often been listed high among the most beautiful women in the world. She has always managed to captivate audience with her incredible beauty. Those beautiful hooded eyes and eyebrow is for sure real thing.

Kate Hudson Eyes

Kate Hudson hooded eyes

The Almay ambassador manages to pull off statement looks without ever looking like she’s wearing tons of makeup. Look at Hudson’s gorgeous hooded eyes in this picture from an event in NYC.

Amber heard Eyes

Amber heard hooded eyes

This look is from Amber Heard’s appearance on premiere of her movie, ‘The Adderall Diaries’: look at her eyes, aren’t her hooded eyes really looking mesmerizing!

Jennifer Lopez Eyes

Jennifer Lopez hooded eyes

Jennifer Lopez’s natural looks are enough to turn heads around. Just as she is perfect and gorgeous with makeup, she is also superficially attractive without any makeup. Every time Lopez hits the red carpet she sparks a buzz, with her fashion style and flawless makeup.

Tyra banks Eyes

Tyra banks hooded eyes

The queen of the smize seems to be sculpted by angels. Her naturally green and hooded eyes look sultry and adventurous.

Naomi Campbell Eyes

Naomi Campbell hooded eyes

British super model and entrepreneur also known as “the Black Bardot”, and the “African Marilyn is a diva, beauty icon and one of the world’s most recognized black woman. Naomi Campbell eyes look absolutely stunning.

Miranda Kerr Eyes

Miranda Kerr hooded eyes

Miranda Kerr makes our beauty all-stars list for many reason and her super gorgeous hooded eyes being one of the reasons.

Catherine Zeta Jones Eyes

Catherine Zeta Jones hooded eyes

The welsh-born actress never fails to look stunning at all times. Look at her picture from the Golden Globes where the actress has oozed glamour. Catherine Zeta Jones’s hooded eyes are looking stunning and the falsies open her eyes way up.

Selena Gomez Eyes

Selena Gomez hooded eyes

This American star is also blessed with hooded eyes. The actress make them stand out noticeably by applying eye shadow on lash line and highlighting the outer corner of her eyes to give an illusion of lifted eyes.

Carmen Electra Eyes

Carmen Electra hooded eyes

Carmen Electra looks gorgeous no matter what she does, but her natural look is absolutely stunning.

Eva green Eyes

Eva green hooded eyes

The ex-bond girl has stunned her fans with her natural beauty and effortless style, both on-screen and on the red carpet. Dark French beauty Eva green’s hooded eyes are to die for.

Adriana Lima Eyes

Adriana Lima hooded eyes

The stunning supermodel and Victoria’s Secret Angel’s blue-green-gray eyes are one of her most distinguished features. To further accentuate her eyes she usually uses pretty heavy eye makeup. The key is to use shades of peach, black, and browns on the eyelid and under the lower lash line as well in the corner of the eye. And she loves wearing mascara, a lot of mascara. Choosing a right eye shadow can be tricky.

Malin Akerman Eyes

Malin Akerman hooded eyes

Here Malin Akerman is sporting a day-time look. To take full advantage of her hooded eyes instead of thick eyeliner she opts for a hint of gray eye shadow on top of her eyelid slightly smudging the shadow into the inner corners. The same shadow is dusted along her bottom lids, brightening everything up.

Leelee Sobieski Eyes

Leelee Sobieski hooded eyes

Actress Leelee Sobieski is hooded eye champ. With right make up technique she’s really pulled an awesome look.

Anne Hathaway Eyes

Anne Hathaway hooded eyes

Anne Hathaway’s gorgeous hooded eyes look super emotive, deep, and beautiful. Eyes like hers are little technical to create as with the wrong techniques this type of eyes can look tired or droopy.

Lucy Lui Eyes

Lucy Lui hooded eyes

The Charlie’s Angels actress looks absolutely eternal, and her make-up is always applied to accentuate her features. Though her eyes are actually quite small and hooded which she balances creating subtle winged eyeliner on the top of her upper lash line. Her eye shadow compliments and beautifies her looks even further.

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Brigitte Bardot Eyes

Brigitte Bardot hooded eyes

The Parisian beauty is among actresses who played a prominent role in making the cat-eye so classy and flirty looking.Bardot’s cat-eye liner is a perfect way to make those bedroom eyes shine even more.

Lauren Bacall Eyes

Lauren Bacall hooded eyes

Lauren Bacall’s bedroom eyes are a sight for sore eyes.

Kim Basinger Eyes

Kim Basinger hooded eyes

The former Ford model’s has aged so gracefully. Her hooded eyes look super gorgeous here.

Jennifer Aniston Eyes

Jennifer Aniston hooded eyes

Jennifer Aniston is known for her age-defying beauty, slim toned figure and glowing skin. Her perfectly cheery and bright hooded eyes can make any one fall in love instantly.

Rachel Bilson Eyes

Rachel Bilson hooded eyes

Rachael Bilson emphasizes her super sexy hooded eyes with liner and heavy mascara, anyone can get lost in those beautiful eyes.

Amy Poehler Eyes

Amy Poehler hooded eyes

Amy Poehler’s smoky eye makeup is complementing her hooded eyes so well.

Lauren Graham Eyes

Lauren Graham hooded eyes

Lauren Graham knows how to pop her baby blues. As the skin fold over the center of Graham’s hooded eyes, she smartly brings height to that area with sky-high lashes.

Rashida Jones Eyes

Rashida Jones hooded eyes

Here at the red carpet of the Academy Awards 2018 Rashida Jones softly created smoky eyes look so ethereal. The overall look is complementing the feel of her feminine, floral Valentino dress.

Oprah Winfrey Eyes

oprah winfrey eyes

An inspiration to many young girls Oprah Winfrey is in our list of female celebrities with hooded eyes. Oprah Winfrey is one of the most influential women in the world. She is a media mogul, philanthropist, and actress. She has used her platform to empower and inspire people all over the world.

Final Thoughts:

Hope you guys have have enjoyed our list of celebrities with hooded eyes. You would surely want to try smoky eye make. If you are the one with hooded eyes find yourself lucky to be among these beautiful ladies. So its important for you to feel confident.

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