How To Look Slimmer and Taller with these Simple Hacks

Nobody wants to look petite and chunky of course! But it is also a fact that you cannot change your physique overnight but one thing I’m quiet sure is you can fake others and adore yourself even if you are not leaner and taller by our very simple tips and tricks. So just take a chill pill and rock by flaunting a leaner and slimmer body with these simple tips. so here we are with How To Look Slimmer and Taller with these Simple Hacks:how to look slimmerWear heels

Wearing heels is one of the most common solution for looking slimmer and leaner. It not only adds height but accentuate legs and enhance confidence. When you wear heels, your posture also changes, as heels aids to keep your back and shoulders straight. It also lengthens your legs, making you look compatibly thinner by comparison. Skinny heels with pointed toes or low cut vamp heels would be ideal choice as it instantly elongates your legs and make them look slimmer and leaner.

Tops with V-neckline

Wear collarless shirts as it makes torso look thinner .Opt for tops with a V-neckline as it creates a high focal point up and away from your midsection and gives the illusion of a longer, slimmer upper body. The more skin displayed between chin and chest the more slimmer and leaner you look.

Stick to monochromatic colors

Wearing a single color elongates the body and make an uninterrupted vertical line, making you look thinner. So try to stick to monochromatic colors. Darker color tones can also be flattering if you want to look thin.

Use jewelry tactfully

Long necklaces add length to a short neck and bring attention away from hips and to the front and center of your body. Mid-chest bibs or big chandeliers grabs attention towards the face and not the middle. Sparkly cuffs, stacks of bangles, and cocktail rings draw the eye to wrists instead of upper arms.

Wear waist and hip trimmer

A waist and hip trimmer gives you slimmer look instantly by temporarily compress your waist to get it of excess bulge and girth. It also gives additional support to side and back muscles which not only gives you a slimmer look but also a better posture.

Opt for simple bottoms

Clean, wide straight legged trousers, streamlined boot cut and straight leg Jeans are the leanest options if you want to look slim and lean. Opt for skirt style that flatter such as straight, pencil, and trumpet. Avoid extra details that catch the eye and give the illusion of bulk-Do not wear jeans which have grommets, buttons, rhinestones, pleats, pockets, buckles or decorative extras.

Rock out with vertical stripes

This is one of the oldest tricks used to look slimmer and leaner as it is thought that vertical stripes create an allusion of height or length thus making you look slimmer and leaner. So avoid tops with horizontal lines and wear clothes with vertical stripes.

Fake a Tan

A subtle glow makes a lot of difference when it comes to looking slimmer and leaner. A light spray tan can make your legs, arms, shoulders, and neck look pounds thinner by diminishing imperfections like blemishes, veins, cellulite, stretch marks, brown spots that distract from the clean visual lines of exposed arms or legs and gives an impression of head to toe glow.

Stop slouching!

Poor posture is another cause of looking petite and chubby. A good posture does wonders when it comes to look slim and trim. Believe it a good posture can make you look at least 5-10 pounds slimmer instantly. So stop slouching, hold your body straight and your chin up. This will keep fat from pooling around your chin making you look thinner overall. Chin rolls can make even a thin person look like they’re carry more pounds than they really are.

Choose the right fabrics

Fabrics do make a lot of difference so choose your fabrics wisely. Light weight or thin fabrics make you look thinner whereas heavier fabrics add width so opt for materials like cotton, denim, silk, angora, satin, cashmere, leather, suede, brocade, taffeta etc. which do not add volume plus they make you look slimmer and taller.

hope you might have enjoyed these amazingly simple tweaks that surly help you get slimmer and taller look. you can now share your ideas and suggestion via comment box, we highly appreciate your participation. you can now join us on facebook.




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