How To Remove Nail Polish From Clothes, Easily?

By 6 November 2016

how to remove nail polish from clothesNail polish on hands look trendy and cool but what about a spill of it on your favorite shirt or top? You will not like it for sure! If you have recently ruined your lucky shirt with nasty nail polish stains and worried about how to remove nail polish stains from clothes, there is a good news for you. We are going to share some super cool ways to get nail polish off your clothes with simple home items. So take a look at how these simple everyday items can save you a lot by removing those freaky stains from your clothing.

How to clean nail polish from clothes:

Well, nail polish stains are thought to be quite easy to remove but stains are not fun, really! And nail polish ones are trickiest. We are sharing some tried and tested methods to remove nail polish from clothes quite safely. Give them a try to find which one works best for you.

Get nail polish off your clothes with Acetone or Nail Polish Remover:

Acetone is the best thing to treat the pesky nail polish stains on clothing. But it is important to know that not all fabrics well tolerate acetone. Carefully read the care label on your clothing to find if it’s safe to use.

First, place an ice cube or an ice pack on the nail polish stain to harden it. With the help of a tweezers, gently peel off any large flakes of dried polish from the fabric, but do not attempt to tug or pulling it hard. Soak a Q-tip cotton swab or a paper towel in an acetone-based nail polish remover or an acetone, and perform a spot test to check that the solution does not discolor the fabric.

Lay some paper towels on a flat surface to safe your floorings from getting the nail varnish. Now place your fabric with the nail polish stain facedown. With an acetone or nail polish remover soaked cotton swab or paper towel, dab the stain (backside of the stain) quite a lot. Repeat the process, each time by changing swabs or sides of paper towel (to prevent the stain from spreading) until the stain is completely removed. Launder straight away with a good quality laundry detergent and the warmest water, safe for the fabric, to remove any nail polish remnants left.

Note: Do not use acetone or acetone based nail polish remover on fabrics that contain acetone, or triacetate. Check the care label on the clothing carefully. Also, test acetone on an inconspicuous place, if you are attempting to use it on fabrics that tolerate acetone.


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