How To Remove Grease Stains From Clothes.

how to remove grease stains from clothesHave you recently ruined your favorite shirt with a nasty grease stain and worried about how to remove grease stains form clothes? Don’t panic! We will help you remove those notorious grease stains from your favorite clothes safely and cheaply, with items easily available on your home. Without any further delay let’s get started!

Remove the stubborn grease stains with Household items:

Grease stains are extremely difficult to remove from clothing and stain remover products can be pretty pricey but with these simple items you can easily remove tough grease stains without spending much money.

Baby powder:

Baby powder, if accessible, is the easiest and cheapest way to remove grease stains from clothing. Put enough baby powder on the greasy area and with the help of a tooth brush or a scrub brush, brush the area well. After a little scrubbing and brushing you will see little powder lumps. These lumps are actually the grease, baby powder has absorbed. Keep on brushing till no lumps remain. Let it sit for an hour. Dust off all the powder. Repeat the process if any stain is left. Stick to your regular laundry routine after stain removal.

Corn starch:

If you are short of powder or don’t have it, you can use corn starch instead, it works in the same way as baby powder. Put corn starch on the area of the grease and with the help of a tooth brush or a scrub brush, gently brush the area. After a little scrubbing and brushing you will see little corn powder lumps. These lumps are actually the grease, corn starch has absorbed. Keep on brushing till no lumps remain. Dust off all the powder. Repeat the process if any stain is left. Stick to your regular laundry routine after stain removal.


Salt is an old ancient way to remove greasy and oily stains. Easily available in every kitchen, these salty grains really work awesome in removing stains from clothing. Just put some on the greasy area and rub with either your hand or with a brush. Let it sit for an hour or so. With salt on the fabric, rub an icy ice cube on the greasy area for few minutes. The stain will hopefully vanished but if not, repeat the process again. After the stain is removed, stick to your regular laundry routine.

Apple cider vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is commonly used for cleaning purposes (dishwashers, coffee makers, ovens, and other machines) but it can do stain removing too. Saturate grease stain with apple cider vinegar and let it sit for a good hour. Rub the wet fabric a bit to intensify vinegar’s work. Repeat if necessary, and launder as normal. In addition to stain removal, apple cider vinegar will also sanitize your clothes. Revel in stain free and germ free clothes next time you wear them.

Note: Apple cider vinegar works best on fresh grease stains.

White chalk:

This is a favorite one for nasty greasy stains. Rub a white chalk on the spoiled grease spot for few minutes. Let it sit for half an hour, so that the chalk absorbs the grease. Repeat the process if the stain lingers. Otherwise continue with your regular laundry routine after stain removal.

You can also make the white chalk powder by crushing or grinding it in a pestle and mortal.

Baking soda:

Baking soda can really save you a lot of money. Not only can this ingredient solve your skin problems like pimples, under eye bags and dark circles, baking soda is also a great way to clean and remove grease stains from clothes. Put enough baking soda to cover on the greasy area and brush with the help of a tooth brush or hand, depending on the fabric. Keep it about an hour at least. Let the baking soda does the honors for you. Dust off the baking soda and follow your regular laundry regime.

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Liquid dish Detergent:

You will find this one all around the internet and the reason is, it really fix those grease stains for good. Available in kitchen, easy to use and a quick first aid for grease. Just put some drops on your favorite stained shirt, where you came across with grease. Rub a bit with a kitchen sponge or a brush. Leave it or few minutes to work. Repeat the process if any stain is left. Pop it into the washer for regular laundry routine.

Hair spray:

Surprised to find this item for grease removal. Don’t get dazed and give it a try. Hair spray actually work to remove stubborn set in stains and quite easily. Just spray your hair spray lavishly on the greasy area. Wait for an hour for hair spray to work and launder as regular.


Coke and stains don’t gel well. The carbonic and phosphoric acid in coke actually are the core ingredients that remove tough stains like grease. Drench stubborn grease stains with coke. Yes! Your favorite drink can save your favorite shirt too. Let it sit for an hour. Pop it into the washer for regular laundry routine. Another way is to add a can of coco cola in your washer and launder as routine. As a bonus you will get deodorize smelly clothes too.

Aloe Vera gel:

So much this ingredient, the succulent green gem, can do for you. Squirt generous amount of aloe Vera gel on the affected area of your clothing. Or cut a slice of the aloe plant and place the gel side down onto the grease stain and rub for few minutes. Let it rest for an hour. Wash with your regular laundry.

Hydrogen peroxide stain remover:

Hydrogen peroxide works effectively well, even if the stains have already been washed and dried. To prepare a hydrogen peroxide stain removal at home, put some hydrogen peroxide, some liquid dish soap and some baking soda. Mix them well. The best part is there is no hard and fast rule about how much of each ingredient is to be added, quantity will depend on how big or small your stain is, put the ingredients according to how much you want to prepare. Once your stain removal is ready, just soak the greasy area with it and rub a bit with a brush, hand or sponge (depends on the fabric). Let it sit for about an hour to work. Wash it in the same way you wash your regular clothes.

Use Windex to remove grease stains:

Well, yes Windex is used for cleaning windows, but you can use it to remove tough clothing stains too. Spray regular blue Windex (only) on your grease stained clothing until saturated. Let it rest for about 15 minutes. Wash with your regular laundry in washer.

Use WD-40 to remove grease stains:

Carefully spray the WD-40 on the greased area only. Leave it for 30 minutes. Wash the area with hot water to wipe out any remaining lubricant. Now cover the grease stained area with either a liquid laundry detergent or liquid dish soap. Gently rub the area with fingers. Leave it again for another 30 minutes. Wash it with hot water.

Use lemon essential oil to remove grease stains:

Lemon essential oil is a great enchanting remedy to remove tough grease stains- a chemical free way to treat your clothes, good for you and your environs. Put some lemon essential oil on the grease stained area. Rub a bit. Much better and effective if you leave it for half an hour. Launder as normal. Finally you will get a stain free piece with an additional lemony scent.

Hope these simple ingredients can save your favorite piece of clothing from piling your wardrobe’s not to wear area. We are sharing some important points which you should bear in mind before delving into these home remedies to ensure stain free clothes always.

  • Whatever item you select for removing grease stain, keep the fabric in mind and handle accordingly. For instance, if you have stained a cotton fabric, and you are using baby powder. Do not brush hardly, or simply use your fingers.

It is good to act promptly once you get a grease stain. The faster you take an action, the easier would it be to remove the stain. And the more chances to remove stains completely and effortlessly. But after a stain gets dry, it is harder to remove. So always keep this in mind and take prompt action.

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