Best Eyeshadow For Grey Eyes

Let’s break down the perfect eyeshadow colors for grey eyes to make your two’s look even mesmeric. We have covered all from picking the right eyeshadow to the perfect colors that match your skin’s undertone to make your grey eyes pop and your skin glow. Are you ready!

If you are gifted with one of the super rare eyes in the world and want to know how to accentuate grey eyes you’re in the right spot. With less than 3% of the world population with grey eyes, it’s understandable why having gem eyes might seem lucky.

grey eyes eyeshadow

To be blessed with grey eyes is definitely great but pulling right eye makeup on them doesn’t always come easy. If you struggle to choose the right eyeshadow colors that can bring out the beauty of your grey eyes further, you worry not as this guide on eyeshadow colors for grey eyes is all you need.

It’s normal to feel intimidated when it comes to choosing the perfect eyeshadow as grey eyes are competitive when putting eyeshadow and you don’t want to dim the beauty of the gorgeous grey color of your eyes by picking the wrong colors.

Grey eye color is basically a combination of many colors like grey, green, blue, and amber. It’s important to enhance these flecks of colors while applying eyeshadow if you don’t want your beautiful eyes to look flat.

Also, Grey eyes have the ability to pick up other colors from the surroundings which means the makeup you choose will affect the appearance of your irises to others. Other factors like lighting, your clothes, and mood also affect how others perceive your grey eye color. By playing around with certain colors you can make your grey eyes look greyer, greener, or bluer to others. Let’s show how!

Eyeshadow Colors For Grey Eyes

Whether your irises are true silver, steely cool or charcoal shade of grey with the right eye shadow you can further intensify the beauty of your peepers.

In general, the steely hue of colors compliments the best grey eye color. Misty shades like an icy blue, light stone, silver, or mink grey will perfectly emphasize and add an understated flare in grey eyes. So women with grey eyes can confidently wear these colors on eyes.

eyeshadow colors for grey eyes

However, as grey eyes are a mishmash of different colors you can really bring out the specific flecks of your eyes by playing with a couple of eyeshadow colors. Below we are sharing which eyeshadow colors will emphasize particular flecks of grey eyes.

Eyeshadow Colors To Make Grey Eyes Look Bluer

If you want to bring out the blue tones in your eyes, opt for hues in the orange family. Think of colors like nude tones, neutral brown, soft copper, peach, melon, or coral to make your grey eyes look bluer. Then, add a hint of a light blue or lighter shade of the gold or orange tones at the inner corner of each eye to brighten the look.

Eyeshadow Color To Make Grey Eyes Look Greener

If you want to highlight the green tones in your eyes, go for colors like rose, red, brown, plum, soft aqua, violet, and teals. These colors will contrast with the green flecks in your irises and help bring focus on them.

Pick your eyeshadow color and apply the darkest one at the outer corners and crease and blend it into the lightest color at the inner corner. To add definition and make your grey eye color stand out, apply chocolate brown liquid eyeliner along the waterline.

Eyeshadow Color To Make Grey Eyes Look Greyer

If you want your grey eyes to stand out use monochromatic colors like bright white, silver, pewter, storm cloud grey, deep navy blues, charcoal, and black. Finish off the look with a nude lipstick.

Eyeshadow For Grey Eyes According To Skin Undertone

Another great way to choose eyeshadow for grey eyes is to see which skin tone category you fall and then selecting colors accordingly. Experts divide human skin tone into the following three categories:

  1. Cool
  2. Neutral
  3. Warm

Identifying your skin tone and selecting eyeshadow that goes best with your skin tone will really help emphasize the beauty of your eye color further.

Eyeshadow for grey eyes according to skin tone

The best way to identify your skin’s undertone is to look at the veins on the inside of your wrist in natural lighting. If they are bluish or purple, you are in the cool category, bluish group. Generally cool skin tone people have fair or pale skin.

If your veins look green, you are in the warm tone-yellowish group and you may have olive skin.

If you find it difficult to detect any color in those veins it means your skin’s undertone is beige or neutral and you may have a darker skin tone. However, it’s also possible that those with darker skin tone may have a cool or warm skin undertone.

Once you know your skin’s undertone now is the time to select eye shadow colors that goes best with your skin tone.

Grey Eyes With Warm Skin Tones

If your skin tone is warm neutral colors that are yellow-based or having golden undertones are your go-to colors. Look for colors like beige, yellow, powder pink, lilac, burgundy, and taupe, deep brick red, champagne, warm orange and sand brown.

Grey Eyes With Cool Skin Tones

For those with cool skin undertone silvery and blue colors can do the job. Colors like icy white, ivory, cool green, white gold; turquoise, mauve brown, khaki, royal purple, forest green, silver, teal, lilac, blues, pinks, greys and purples can really make your grey eyes pop and your skin complexion glow.

Grey Eyes With Neutral Skin Tone

If you have Neutral skin undertones consider yourself lucky as the options are endless. Those with Neutral skin tone can go for any colors as they have no clear undertones. But experts recommend playing up with taupe or creams to work with natural colorings.

Eyeshadow Tips For Grey Eyes

Follow these eye makeup tips to add sparkle to your grey eyes.

  • If your eyes have a light grey color, it’s best to choose darker and more pigmented eyeshadow colors.
  • If your eyes have a dark color of grey, opt for lighter and more pastel shades.
  • Choose black, chocolate brown or dark grey mascara and liner to further enhance the beauty of grey eyes.
  • Maroon, blue or green eyeliner would also be great on grey eyes for a bolder party look.
  • Eye makeup with shimmer, sparkle, and sheen will help accentuate grey eyes more.
  • Always use a primer before putting eye makeup to avoid any smudging or creasing.
  • Women with grey eyes should opt for black to achieve a more dramatic Smokey look.
  • Using neutral colors to blend your eyeshadow will make your eye makeup appear natural.
  • Blending the eyeshadow properly will eliminate any harsh lines and make your shadow look natural.
  • Curl your eyelashes before applying mascara if you want your grey eyes to look bigger.
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