How To Get Playdough Out Of Carpet, Quickly

how to get playdough out of carpetNot wise to stop your kids from playing with play dough just because they ruined your stuff as studies have proved that play dough contributes greatly to early childhood learning and development. So it’s rather wise to find out the ways to get playdough out of carpet than stopping these little geniuses to play around with its.

My two years old find real fun playing and spending a great time with play dough. Well, it is good for me too; kept her busy and engaged in a fun activity which benefits her and I could keep up with my work at the same time. The not so good part, while playing she makes a real mess, play dough on clothes, tables, toys and everything that comes to her way.

As a parent we can understand the importance of providing kids great learning opportunities, and if you can do so with toys? Nothing likes it. Play dough is one such toy which serves as a great source of learning in a fun way. Playing with play dough improves social and emotional development, language learning, learning mathematical concepts and much much more. So many opportunities this pliable putty-like substance can provide that it has now become an integral part of teaching and learning.

Nowadays, there are so many different types of moldable stuff out there and play dough being one of them is really in the scene, children love playing with it. Whatever precautions you take it may end up with play dough on your carpet. And just for the reason that it ruined the carpet and other stuff, we should not stop them experimenting, and learning with the amazing play dough.

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How to get play dough out of carpet in 4 easy steps

Well with big kids things are different but with toddlers and very young children, often times their learning and experiencing the world in their way could turn your days into real disasters. May it be juice spilled over your favorite clothes, waxy crayons all over the table, markers on walls, or play dough on the carpet, you should be well prepared and equipped for any disaster.

What to do if you get play dough on carpets which many of us thought as a real hard task to clean off. And truly speaking how unsightly it looks to have any such stuff on carpets? If your kid or anybody else’s kid have ruined your carpet with play dough and it worried you about how to get playdough out of carpet, you will be delighted to know there is a super simple way to remove play dough completely from your carpet.

Follow these simple instructions to get play dough out of carpet easily.

  • If you find that play dough has got its way to your carpet remove any soft and moist dough first. Simply pick up with hands the soft large pieces of the dough. If there is still some soft dough that has made its way deep into the carpet, take some white play dough and tap and dab a bit so that the white dough will attack itself to the soft dough deep inside the carpet. Avoid using any other color dough as color stains too are bothersome and look
  • After removing soft pieces of dough, wait for the harden pieces of the dough to dry completely to avoid further spreading of the dough. Once it gets dry and harder, rub your hands over the affected area to loosen and de-attach the dough. Collect any dried pieces of dough and dispose of
  • Now with a clean and dry brush scrub firmly on the area to completely remove the hard dough.
  • Lastly, vacuum the area several times to ensure that no pieces of play dough remained on the carpet. Run your hand over the area to check if any dough remained unremoved. If you find it, repeat the whole process a second time.

How to remove play dough color stains from carpet

Well, play dough doesn’t emanate any discolorations but in case after removing the dough from carpet you still see the lingering discolorations, don’t worry! You can remove it completely with the following steps.

Take some cool water and add liquid dish wash to form a soapy water. Now soak a clean white wash cloth in the solution and rub it against the affected spot for several minutes. With another dry white washcloth, pat dry the area completely. Using a white cloth is important since colored cleaning fabrics can transfer their own dyes back to your carpet, which just makes matters even worse.

If still, you notice any signs of discoloration follow this easy step.  Soak a clean white cloth in rubbing alcohol; wring out any excess. Dab and blot the spot with this cloth several times until the color is removed. With a dry clean cloth, pat dry the area completely.

In case you don’t have rubbing alcohol, vinegar can do the job too. make a vinegar solution by adding one part vinegar in three parts of cool water. Mix the solution well. Now soak a clean white cloth in this solution; wring out any excess. Dab and blot the spot with this cloth several times until the color is removed. With a dry clean cloth, pat dry the area completely.

Never try hot water or harsh cleaning solutions to remove play dough or any other stains from carpet. In case if its dough, always wait for the dough to completely dry, be really patient; sometimes it could even need to be left overnight. Then loosen it firmly with a dry brush.

You may need to use any solutions in case of discolorations. For that use mild solutions, such as liquid dish wash. Always test a small inconspicuous area of the carpet before attempting to use any stain removal stuff, such as alcohol or vinegar to ensure the safe removal of the stains.

You can also benefit from these amazing tips to keep your carpet clean and child proof, especially if you have recently invested on a carpet.

  • Buy a stain-resistant carpet in the first place. These are specifically designed with built-in stain resistance.
  • Invest in large bright colored rugs to avoid any damage to the carpet.
  • An old or inexpensive bed sheet could be used either.
  • Try to keep kids out of carpeted rooms especially during play time.
  • Clean your carpets frequently to keep them in good shape.

Hope you found this post about how to get play dough out of carpet helpful. If so, let us know?


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