How To Grow Eyelashes Naturally

how to grow eyelashes

Every one want their eyes to stand out and look beautiful, which is not possible if you have thin, short eyelashes as eyelashes add beauty to the eyes making them look gorgeous and attractive. Full and thick lashes creates a voluptuous look that complements the rest of the facial details. Although mascaras, fake eye lashes and eyelash extensions are widely used to achieve thick, long and full eyelashes but all these beauty products carry in them some perilous outcomes due to the chemicals and harmful ingredients used. Although you can use organic mascara for longer and thicker eyelashes but then it’s a fix only. What about growing your eyelashes, great idea! Today in this post we will guide you on how to grow eyelashes naturally to achieve your desired gorgeous, dreamed and beautiful eyes.

How to grow eyelashes naturally

Are your eyelashes too short, thin, and dry or falls too much which is causing reedy, weak eyelashes? Do you wish to know how to grow eyelashes naturally and fast, we are sharing some very effective tried and tested tips on how to grow eyelashes fast for luscious, longer and beautiful lashes.

Grow eyelashes with castor oil

Castor oil and eyelashes has a long old connection due to its powerful follicle-stimulating properties that not only nourishes and moisturizes the lashes but also encourage growth. The anti-bacterial and microbial properties of the oil also help fight bacteria and micro-organisms that hinder growth.

Castor oil is found to be extremely effective in achieving thick, dark eyelashes. It also prevents the breaking and falling of eyelashes and triggers the growth even on areas where they are not present copiously.

How to use

1-Apply pure castor oil with a clean Q-tip or cotton on your lashes on a regular basis.

2-You can also fill an empty and clean mascara bottle with pure castor oil. Apply it on the lashes daily with the mascara wand before going to bed.

Grow eyelashes with olive oil

grow eyelashes with olive oil

Olive oil is rich in Vitamin E and oleic acid which not only thickens and nourishes eyelashes but also makes them dark which adds more bulk to lashes.

How to use

1-Fill a clean mascara bottle or any other empty, clean bottle with olive oil.

2-As olive oil provides best results when it is a bit warm. Put this bottle on boiling water for few minutes so that the oil gets warm (not too hot, otherwise it would burn). Now apply it on your lashes with the mascara wand or a clean Q-tip daily until you get your desired thick, dark eyelashes.

Grow eyelashes with Emu Oil:

Emu oil is best known as a natural eyelash growth remedy for centuries. As Emu oil does not contain phospholipids, so it is penetrated and absorbed easily into the skin which help supply nutrients into the bloodstream more quickly than any other oils, resulting in eyelash growth. Emo oil is rich in linoleic acid and alpha-linoleic acid, which nourishes and moisturizes and prevents lashes from breaking and falling.

How to use

1-Apply a light coat of emu oil with a Q-tip or cotton along the lash line in the evening.

2-you can also use a clean eyeliner brush to apply a thin coat of emo oil on your lash line.

Grow eyelashes with coconut oil

grow eyelashes with coconut oil

Along many of the benefits coconut oil offers to our skin and overall health, it is also one of the great remedy for growing eyelashes. Coconut oil is rich in natural medium chain  fatty acids, such as lauric, Myristic, Caprylic, and Capric acid, which are all super great for hair growth and treating issues like dandruff, and dryness which results in thinning of the eye lashes. As coconut oil easily penetrates in the skin, it can stimulate growth. Coconut oil strengthens the eyelashes, prevents them from breaking and stimulate healthy eyelash growth.

How to use

1-Apply coconut oil on your lashes with a sterilized mascara wand regularly until achieve your desired result.

2-you can also make a very effective coconut oil serum for thick, luscious eyelashes by mixing ½ cup of coconut oil with one drop of lavender oil and one drop of lemon oil. Store this mixture in an empty bottle. Apply this coconut oil serum regularly before going to bed as it will be a bit greasy to apply at day time.

Grow eyelashes with almond oil

grow eyelashes with almond oil

Almond oil is an intelligent pick if you aim for thick, healthy eyelashes as this oil is widely used all around the world for its hair growth properties. Almond oil is rich in vitamin E, and fats which helps nourish and moisturize the lashes, encouraging growth of eyelashes plus reducing eyelash breaking and falling. For most effective results, use sweet almond oil.

How to use

1-Apply sweet almond oil with a sterilized mascara wand on your lashes.

2-Also apply along the lash line with a clean eyeliner brush or a Q-tip. Be careful not to get the oil into your eyes.

Grow eyelashes with avocado oil

grow eyelashes with avocado oil

Avocado is not just a super food but encapsulates in itself magical effects for enhancing and improving beauty as well. Avocado is extremely rich in vitamin B and vitamin E which penetrates the skin easily and strengthen the hair growth and repair the damage hair. This fruit is also the richest fruit source of biotic which is linked with strengthening of hair. Avocado oil is equally beneficial to use for eyelash growth as well.

How to use

1-Apply avocado oil on the lashes with a sterilized mascara wand twice or thrice a week.

Grow eyelashes with burdock oil

Burdock oil is known worldwide for growing thick, full eyelashes. Using burdock oil on your eyelashes will provide nourishing and hydrating effects that help grow thicker and luscious eyelash much quickly.

How to use

1-Apply a little amount of burdock oil on your lashes and along lash line with either a mascara wand, a Q-tip or simply with your ring finger.

2- Use daily 30 minutes before going to bed and wipe it as it is quite irritating if it gets into eyes.

Grow eyelashes with Vaseline

This one you must know as it is one of the most common tip people use to grow their lashes. The reason behind every one using this thing is of course, it is cheapest conditioning and moisturizing agent for dry, brittle eyelashes. Vaseline not only help eyelashes grow stronger, thicker and longer but also smooth and supple the skin around the eyelids.

How to use

1-The best way to apply Vaseline is with your ring finger as it is lightest of all the fingers.

2-You can also use a sterilized mascara wand or a Q-tip to thoroughly apply Vaseline to your lashes.

3- Use Vaseline before getting to bed and leave it overnight to reap the full benefits out of it.

Grow eyelashes with Vitamin E

Vitamin E is considered fabulous for optimal hair growth and eyelashes too. As vitamin E combat free radicals and promotes blood circulation to the hair follicles, therefore it is extremely good for growing longer and thicker eyelashes. This is the reason why most hair and beauty brands use vitamin E as a main ingredient in their products.

How to use

1-Mix vitamin E available at drug stores in the form of capsules with any of the oil castor, coconut, or olive.

2-Apply regularly on eyelashes with a mascara wand or a Q-tip.

Grow eyelashes with aloe Vera

grow eyelashes with aloe vera

Aloe Vera is an amazing natural ingredient with numerous vitamins and nutrients essential for hair and eyelash growth. To use it effectively for eyelash growth follow this simple recipe of aloe Vera serum.

How to use

1-Mix one tablespoon of aloe Vera with one teaspoon of castor oil or jojoba oil.

2-Fill the mixture in an empty sterilized mascara container or an empty sterilized nail polish bottle.

3-Apply regularly until you get your desired results.

Grow eyelashes with lemon peel

Lemon peels are rich in essential vitamins and nutrients which promotes eyelash growth. To use lemon peel effectively for eyelash growth follow this simple yet worth trying recipe of lemon peel serum.

How to use

1-Put dry lemon peels (1teaspoon) in an empty container and add any of the oil, castor, olive or coconut.

2- Infuse the lemon peels in oil for about a week.

3- Use it regularly before going to bed for luscious and fuller eyelashes.

Grow eyelashes with green tea

grow eyelashes with green tea

The antioxidants, polyphenols and flavonoids present in green tea encourage hair growth even on our eyelashes. Dihydrotestosterone or DHT is a hormone which shrinks the hair follicles, green tea blocks and reduces the amounts of DHT in our body, promoting hair growth. Green tea also works by improving the blood circulation thus allowing the nutrients to the hair follicles which also promotes hair growth.

How to use

1-Apply cool green tea on your lashes with clean cotton.

2-Be careful not to get it into your eyes.

Grow eyelashes with eggs:

grow eyelashes with eggs

The good proteins, biotin and vitamin B present in eggs help grow eyelashes.

How to use    

1-Beat egg yolk and mix it with one teaspoon of glycerin. Mix it well.

2- Apply it directly on your eyelashes with a clean mascara wand.

2-Leave it for 20 minutes. Wash it thoroughly with cold water.

Besides these effective and natural remedies on how to grow eyelashes thicker and longer there are some important things to consider.

Try to limit the use of mascaras as much as possible as they contain some harmful ingredients which are not safe and healthy to use plus they cause damage to eyelashes too. Instead you can use organic mascara as they are made up of natural ingredients, so are safe to use.

  1. Also avoid or limit the use of eyelash curlers as they cause damage to the eyelashes.
  2. Always remove make up completely before going to bed.
  3. Eating a balanced diet also promotes eyelash growth.
  4. Massaging your eyelids gently help improves blood flow to the hair follicles which may stimulate growth of lashes.
  5. Never rub your eyelashes and eyelids as it weakens the lashes.

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