Natural Hair Care Routine For Women

Every woman wants stunning, shining and healthy hair. Sometimes to get them we don’t stop from frequent styling, straightening, curling, bleaching, perming, dying and much more. But these procedures can cause a lot of damage to your hair. To keep your hair in a good healthy condition and maintain the natural beauty you need proper care and repair. Before going into the pros and cons of hair care, it is important to understand that hair can be fine, medium or coarse-textured and each has its unique qualities and problems too. For instance, fine hair tends to lack volume. Medium hair is quite manageable, strong and elastic. While coarse hair can be difficult to handle, frizzy and can be heavy too. We are sharing best natural hair care routine for all kinds of hair which will keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

Shampoo Your Hair Properly:

Some people think that shampooing every day is good for hair which is wrong. Shampooing every day could lead to dry, brittle hair as shampoo strip away the natural good oils from your scalp. So do not shampoo too often; shampoo twice a week or if you are shampooholic than shampoo at every other day would be more than enough. Also choose a shampoo according to your hair type.

Coarse hair needs frizz reducing and softening shampoo.

Oily hair needs a gentle shampoo for daily washing.

Chemical treated hair needs amino acids fortified shampoo.

Dry hair needs collagen and glycerin based shampoo to help restore moisture in hair.

People generally shampoo their hair neglecting the scalp, roots and the nape and just shampooing the length of the hair which is wrong because dirt tends to collect in these spots. So properly shampoo the roots, scalp and nape to effectively keep the dirt away. Shampooing your hair in alternate days is a good ideas and using dry shampoo is even better for healthier hair.

Take Short showers:

Some people think that prolonged showers are good for their hair which is not right as washing your hair for more than 10 minutes would probably strip away the essential oils and can damage your hair. So keep your showers short and sweet.

Drying Your Hair:

Some of the common mistakes people made while washing is rubbing it dry with a towel or a blow dryer which actually lead to dry damaged roots and ends. There are other better alternatives which you can try to keep your hair safe and healthy.

The best option would be to let your hair dry naturally or you can pat dry with a soft towel as it is a gentler and milder way. But if due to any reason you are blow drying then use it at the lowest temperature and only once a week.

Brushing Your Hair:

Do not start brushing right away after the shower as wet hair is three times fragile and more likely to break. Let your hair air dry and then gently detangle using a wide comb. Do not use comb with plastic  bristles as the static electricity which produces with its contact with the hair breaks the hair. Start detangling hair from the ends and then take long strokes from the roots to the ends. Proper brushing improves the blood circulation and spreads the natural oils which prevents hair breakage.

Conditioning With A good Conditioner:

Use a conditioner which suits your hair type and condition. Start at the nape of the neck and gently spread the conditioner through with your fingers to the tips of the hair. Conditioning every time you shampoo is super cool as it keeps hair soft, healthy and moisturized.

Proper Oiling is Essential:

One cannot ignore this important weapon as it has numerous benefits for hair like rejuvenating the hair loss, strengthening the roots, facilitating blood circulation, relaxing the mind, preventing infections and dandruff and more. But to attain all these benefits proper oiling is essential. The best way is to apply oil 2-3 hours prior to taking a shower and at least once a week. You can go for any oil like almond, castor, olive, coconut, lavender oil as every oil has its own properties.

Trimming As It Is Needed:

Trimming or cutting hair regularly every six to eight weeks not only gets rid of avoid split ends but also prevents the split ends from forming again.

Beside this general hair care regimen some important things you must incorporate in your life are:

  1. Drink plenty of fresh water
  2. Eat raw fruits and vegetables
  3. Eat a balanced diet including proteins, zinc, iron, calcium and vitamins
  4. Avoid stress by incorporating physical activity like swimming, biking, meditation, yoga, etc.

Hope you guys have enjoyed these amazing hair care routine for healthier hair. Do give us your feedback, suggestions and ideas via comment box. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends using social share buttons.



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