Top 10 Dogs That Don’t Bark

Are you looking for a peaceful buddy who doesn’t bark up a storm? We totally understand how intimidating it might be to live with a noisy dog in a small space with sensitive neighbors around.

Though all dogs bark as it’s how they communicate still there are some that tend to be quietest than others. Want to know dog breeds that don’t produce a regular barking. Have a look at our rundown for top 10 dog breeds that keep bark on the down-low.

Great Dane

dogs that dont bark - Great Dane

Referred to as Gentle giant or Apollo of dogs, this dog breed is gentle, sweet, and affectionate. Truly a gentle giant! Weighting around 100-200 pounds Great Dane is thought to be one of the largest dog breeds. Despite their big stature, these dogs have docile and calm disposition.

They are extremely loving and gentle, so make great family pet. Apart from their friendly nature, they are often praised for their lack of barking.

New Foundland

dogs that dont bark - New Foundland

Next in our list of non-barking dogs is New Foundland. Another big dog with big personality. Newfies have sweet disposition who loves to keep you company, if you don’t mind lots of slobber. Sweet temperament Newfs are generally quiet dogs who only bark when situation calls for it.

These Nanny dogs require regular exercise, preferably long walks, and swimming to keep them in good health. If you’re up for daily vacuuming this dog is for you as these noble giants are heavy shedders.


dogs that dont bark - Basenji

Considered as one of the most beautiful and clever dog, Basenji is a calm, quiet and loyal dog. It is one of the few dog breeds well-known as the bark less dog. Literally a non-vocal dog that doesn’t make a nuisance by excessive yapping. This dog doesn’t bark and the only noise it produces is chortling yodel.

Small catlike looking Basenji is adored by dog lovers for its clownish sense of humor and non-doggy temperament. When it comes to training a Basenji, think twice before planning to add this dog to your family as it is the second least trainable dog breed.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavvies have a calm, and docile demeanor. These spaniels which were bred by the British, are known for their friendliness, grace, and affection. Nicknamed as the Comfort Spaniel, they love nothing more than cuddling up with their owners. Regal in name and attitude, cavaliers don’t raise their voice unless it’s a must.


dogs that dont bark - Borzoi

Considered as one of the tallest sighthound breeds in existence, Borzoi hardly ever make a sound. These beautiful big dogs who belong from Russian heritage were kept as hunting dogs before the revolution. Despite its barbaric background, this traditional beauty of the canine world is friendly, and calm natured. Borzoi is a perfect fit for anyone who wants non-vocal dog.

French Bulldog

dogs that dont bark - French Bulldog

Frenchie is the miniature version of the British Bulldog. During the 19thcentury, French bulldogs became a symbol of fashion and were bred extensively.

French bulldogs are generally quiet natured. They are sweet, affectionate and too cute. That’s the reason people long to keep them as their buddies. Due to their calm temperament bulldogs are not very vocal dogs.

Boston Terrier

dogs that dont bark - boston terrier

One of the most easy going dog breed, Boston terriers make great family companion. As this jaunty little dog is easy to train and less demanding, it’s by the far most recommended pet even for novice owners. And the best part, this dog hardly makes any fuss so is ideal for apartment living.

Shiba Inu

dogs that dont bark - shiba inu

Shiba Inu is one of the most popular Japanese dog breed. These bold, and spirited fur buddies aren’t barkers but they produce a scream-like noise, called the shiba scream only when they are excited or distressed.

Chinese Sharpie

dogs that dont bark - Chinese Sharpie

Truly a love bug of a breed! Chinese sharpie is one of the cutest wrinkly dog breeds. Known for its serene temperament and devotion to his family, this dog could be a perfect buddy for those wanting a non-barking companion. Though sharpie’s are quiet and calm natured but their guarding instincts may provoke them to bark at strangers and other canines.


dogs that dont bark - Akita

Known to be one of the most expensive Japanese dog breed. Akita is a courageous, dignified, and well-mannered dog. Declared as “natural treasure” in Japan these dog rarely cause a fuss. If do, pay attention as there’s a good reason behind.

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