How To Get Deodorant Stains Out Of Clothes Fast?

how to get deodorant stains out of clothesNobody on earth likes nasty stains, unlikely but we get them quite often times. May it be cause of a hurry or absent-mindedness, we humans have to deal with a lot of stains. And when it comes to the pesky deodorant stains. They are not fun. Find out how to get deodorant stains out of clothes with some simple yet entirely effective tips and tricks.

Remember!  “Prevention is better than cure “, you may have heard it hundreds of time but believe you it’s very true and perfectly fits when caring about your clothing. Although there are ways to get rid of stains but not every kind of stains are removable and if they’re so much effort and time are required.

Best thing try to prevent staining your clothing in the first place. And if you think what crap is this? Who on this planet wants to get stains? Listen, with few precautions and a little knowledge you can really make big difference when it comes to getting stains, particularly deodorants ones. Want to know how to prevent getting deodorant stains? Let’s get started then:

  • Remember, the kind of deodorant you use matters a lot. If your deo is the one with a huge amount of fragrance and aluminum, then your clothes are most likely to get stains. To nip the evil in the bud, switch from an acidic to a neutral pH kind of a product. In simple words, choose a product with the very low amount of aluminum or ideally aluminum-free.
  • The way you use deodorant is as important as the product. Wrong use of deodorant can also lead to discoloration, faded or stained fabric. Check if you use your deo the right way as it should.
  •  After applying deodorant, wait until it dries completely before wearing the shirt.
  • Don’t overdo and apply a thin layer of deodorant.
  • Wear an under shirt or an underarm sweat pad if you are a heavy sweater.
  • Once you’re done wearing wash the garment as soon as possible.

By incorporating these little tips you can really save your garment from staining.

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How to get deodorant stains out of clothes?

Mishaps do happen. Despite taking precautions and care, sometimes stains occur and deodorant ones are the story of everyday for many. Not only these stains look unsightly but can reveal a lot about your freaking habits. To look real clean freak, even if you’re not, and to impress everybody around with your spick-and-span, deodorant stains on underarms, a sure to avoid.

But what to do if the rush to the desired place make you use deodorant in a way that’s totally insane and ruin your favorite shirt with stains? Don’t worry, the good news is there are some safe ways to fix those pesky stains and keep your clothing healthy and in mint condition.

Ways to get fresh deodorant stains out of clothes

Fresh deodorant stains are comparatively easier to deal with as stains have not set in deep. Some simple items can really help you get rid of fresh deodorant stains within no time. No washing, no soaking and you can easily fix nasty Deo stains.


Simpler is better, you may not believe it but nylon acts like a magic in getting rid of deodorant stains with the only exception that the stains should be still fresh. Any nylon piece can do the job, a panty hose or a sock. All you have to do is to rub the nylon against the stained area several times. The best part you can use nylon on delicate fabrics like silk too where using any other thing can damage the fabric.

Baby wipes

Baby wipes are another great item to fix fresh deodorant stains. Next time you spot that unwanted deodorant stain, clean it off with a baby wipe. The best thing about this simple hack, it is much more effective than water as it lifts away stain much more quickly without leaving your shirt wet.

Microfiber sponges

Microfiber sponges are superb when it comes to almost any kind of stains; particularly deodorant ones. So instead of leaving your favorite black shirt only cause’ of deo stains, use microfiber sponge to fix them.

A Damp washcloth

If wipes or sponges are not available, a damp washcloth can surely fix the stains for a big day. Just remember to wring out any excess water to avoid making your clothes sodden afterwards.

Flip and rub

If you don’t have anything handy, no need to worry. Your own stained shirt can pull out the stains for you. Simply rub any part of the garment over the stained area and you’re done.

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