How To Remove Hair Dye From Skin Easily?

Coloring hair is not a new tradition. It has its deep root hundreds of years ago where women used to camouflage gray hair. And if you think hair dyeing as only a women’s concern, think again? Dyeing hair as in present not only meant for hiding gray mane, similarly was used in the past to show rank and class. History tells how ancient civilizations such as the Gaul and the Saxons used to color their hair a variety of vibrant colors to show their rank and as a means of intimidating opponents on the battlefield. Well, nowadays hair dye may not be used to intimidate others but for many self-reasons. Some women dye their hair to change to a color which is more trendy and fashionable, or sometimes to refurbish hair which is discolored by sun bleaching or any hairdressing procedures. So common it has now become that even unprofessionals can do it themselves at home.

And if I say over 75 percent of American women are dyeing their hair it will not be wrong. So in fashion hair dyeing is but sometimes to look trendy and mod we have to suffer too. While doing coloring at home, especially for a newbie or even if you are a pro an urgency can lead to dye stains on the skin which looks awfully ugly. If you have got dye stains recently on your skin and worried about how to remove hair dye from skin, find out some most effective and gentle ways of removing hair dye from skin fast?

How to remove hair dye from skin

Many home remedies and tips on how to remove dye stains from the skin are available throughout the internet but some of them are extremely harsh and unfriendly options for skin, there results may be great and instant but it’s like doing really bad for your skin; so should be avoided. In this post, I’ve to make sure that whatever remedies I’m sharing are safe to use plus super effective for the cause.

Hair color stain remover

Even if you’re not a pro in hair dyeing, this little thing can help you show others your perfectionism in the art. Readily available at stores where you buy hair dye from, always take the privilege to get one for any future catastrophe.

Hair color stain remover is perfectly designed for the cause and render amazing results. The best part of using them is they dissolve any color stains on your skin and are often made with skin friendly ingredients that will not irritate your skin.

Baby oil

You may not be aware of how functional that mild gentle baby oil which you’ve restricted only for your baby can be for you, especially if you’ve stained your skin with dye. Baby oil helps break up the color without damaging skin due to its mild nature.

Just apply a liberal amount of baby oil on the stained area and gently rub in with your fingers. Allow it to sit for as long as you can since baby oil is not corrosive you can leave it for as much as you want. If you opt to leave it overnight, cover the area with a band to keep your pillows and sheets from staining. Wash the area thoroughly with soap and water the next morning.

Castor oil

If you don’t have baby oil castor oil can be used instead. Castor oil is an amazing oil with tons of benefits for skin, hair and to grow eyelashes naturally. The thick consistency of the oil stays on the skin surface and penetrates deep into the skin which helps break the color.

Liberally apply on the area where you got the stain and leave it for few hours to work. Wash the area thoroughly with warm water and soap or some shampoo. If you still see some color rub a cotton ball saturated in the oil in the stained area.

Baking soda

Baking soda is a life saver, really! May it be a skin related problem or a cleaning issue; baking soda wins with flying colors. This white powder also known as sodium carbonate is so much effective in clearing any kind of stains especially dye ones. Baking soda works by breaking down the color due to its potent made-up and acts as an exfoliator which removes dead skin cells along with the dye color. It may be a little bit corrosive for sensitive skin so should use with caution especially on the face.

To remove hair dye with baking soda, people recommend mixing it with liquid dish wash which seems pretty harsh. So if you don’t want to be harsh on your skin, use water instead. Make a paste by combining baking soda with some water. Now apply this paste on the stained area; rub in with fingers with a light pressure for few minutes. Rinse with warm water to remove hair dye stains completely.

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Petroleum jelly

Try avoiding getting stains in the first place to save yourself from all the hassles to clean it subsequently. And it’s not that hard, with a little bit preparation before dyeing hair, you can really prevent from getting stains. Use Petroleum jelly as a pre-dye ritual as it does dual jobs. First, it acts as a barrier and prevents any staining and in case you get some colorings it can also act as a stain removing agent after dyeing.

Apply lavishly to your hairline, behind your ears and the back of your neck as a preventive measure before attempting to dye your hair. And if you get some stains, begin by rubbing some petroleum jelly into the stain. Massage gently with your fingers for few minutes. Clean off with a wet wash cloth.


Toothpaste is another great fix for removing hair dye.  Ingredients like baking soda in the tooth paste effectively serve as hair dye removers. Opt for the non-gel ones as they are much more effective.

To remove hair dye from the skin with toothpaste, dab some on the stained area. Gently massage with fingers for a few minutes. Clean it off with a wet wash cloth or a makeup removing vibe.


Cigarette ash may not be good for any other thing but is quite effective for removing hair dye stains. So if you have some ashes handy on your ashtray, use them for good. To remove hair dye from skin using ashes, prepare a mixture by combing some drops of any oil and ashes. Mix well. Apply this mixture on the stains and leave it for few minutes. Gently rub with fingers and clean off with a wet wash cloth or a make-up removing vibe.

Makeup remover wipes

Makeup remover vibes are best to use for fresh stains which are not set in deep yet. Once dry vibes will not work. So always keep them handy while dyeing your hair and the moment you get a dye stain immediately clean it with make-up remover vibe.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice can be used to remove hair dye from skin. The powerful acidic nature of lemon juice easily breaks down the dye’s active ingredient and is a mildly abrasive. You can mix it with baking soda and apply on the skin but avoid it if you’ve sensitive skin and especially near the eye area. Leave it for few minutes and wash off with warm water. Apply a moisturizer as lemon juice dries off the skin.


Vinegar is another home remedy that works like an exfoliator to remove hair dye. Vinegar helps remove dead skin cells which clean off dye color too. Combine an equal amount of vinegar and water; stir well. Saturate a cotton ball with the solution and rub it over the stain. If you experience any redness or irritation discontinue the use.

Tips to prevent getting hair dye stains

Prevention is better than cure, so be pre-prepared before coloring your hair to avoid any colorings on your skin.

  • Dye on the day you haven’t washed your hair to allow the natural oils to work as a stain removing agent.
  • Always wear gloves before attempting to dye your hair to avoid getting the dye on your hands.
  • Wear a head band or wrap a cotton cloth a little bit closer to your hairline to set a boundary between the perimeters of your hair line.
  • Coat your hairline with petroleum jelly to prevent getting dye stains on the hairline. Also, apply petroleum jelly behind your ears and the back of your neck.

Hope you found this post about how to remove hair dye from skin helpful. Do you get hair dye stains often and which thing work best for you? Do let us know?

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